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22 November 2018: Violence against women with intellectual disabilities: “My biggest fear is that I will be put back into an institution”

10 October 2018: Croatia: End confinement of people with disabilities

15 May 2018: Organisations representing persons with disabilities lodge complaint against France


11 May 2017: No EU money for segregation! Inclusion Europe calls out abuse in institutions

6 March 2017: Inclusion Europe joins other activists for a demonstration at the European Parliament calling for a strong law on accessibility in Europe

2 March 2017: Accessibility? Act!

7 February 2017: Mara wants to vote – why does the Spanish state keep her from doing it?


21 April 2016: “We are not asking for the impossible. Human rights are for all human beings.”

23 March 2016: It is time for the European Disability Strategy to become a real instrument for change

28 January 2016: European Data Protection Day: An opportunity to empower persons with intellectual disabilities in the digital society

26 January 2016: The European Accessibility Act, great potential while leaving much room for improvement 


3 December 2015: Breaking Down Barriers to Digital Inclusion of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

2 December 2015: European Accessibility Act to tackle long-term exclusion of persons with disabilities

23 November 2015: The European Union takes steps to respond to the UN review

16 November 2015: Change is a long-term commitment

9 September 2015: The European Union needs to get serious about upholding the rights of people with disabilities, United Nations warns

28 August 2015: United Nations stands up for rights of people with intellectual disabilities

25 August 2015: Putting an end to tokenistic consultations

3 August 2015: (Easy-to-Read version) Biggest conference for self-advocates will take place in Madrid

3 August 2015: Madrid to host largest self-advocacy conference in Europe

22 July 2015: Multiple discrimination is keeping women with disabilities from reaching their true potential

1 July 2015: European Disability Card marks step towards barrier-free Europe

15 May 2015: Hundreds to meet for major event on intellectual disability in Rome

29 April 2015: CRPD Committee must take people with intellectual disabilities into account in EU review

31 March 2015: The European Union must urge Member States to eliminate guardianship regimes

27 March 2015: Inclusive education benefits all students, with or without disabilities

23 March 2015: If children with intellectual disabilities are denied an education, society misses out

19 March 2015: Five questions to improve the lives of Europeans with intellectual disabilities

27 January 2015: An equal commitment – All EU citizens have the right to understand data protection

26 January 2015: International Holocaust Remembrance Day


9 December 2014: Dismantling barriers to community-living

3 December 2014: Groundbreaking project to ease online communication for people with intellectual disabilities

28 November 2014: Safe Surfing – People with intellectual disabilites to get training on data protection

20 November 2014: A day for celebration and reflection – UN marks 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

23 October 2014: Inclusion Europe launches website on practical models of supported decision-making

1 October 2014: Young people with intellectual disabilities make an impact on leading United Nations figures

26 September 2014: Voices of disability echo around the world: Young people with intellectual disabilities take their stories to the United Nations

17 June 2014: European Union Report on Implementation of the Disability Convention: comprehensive, but conservative

28 May 2014: Inclusion Europe regrets cancellation of Inclusion International World Congress

21 May 2014: Children with intellectual disabilities at heart of major European conference

6 May 2014: The new democratic deficit – People with intellectual disabilities must be able to cast their votes in the 2014 European Parliament elections

12 February 2014: Peer-supporters with intellectual disabilities take charge

30 January 2014: A historic opportunity for people in institutional care: EU Funds must be used to develop community-based alternatives in 2014 – 2020


[EN] 8 October 2013: Persons with intellectual disabilities demand full citizenship rights

[EN] 27 September 2013: European network set up to achieve more inclusive and person-centred upport for persons with disabilities

[EN] 3 June 2013: Europe in Action 2013: The needs of ageing persons with intellectual disabilities require immediate attention

[EN] 31 May 2013: Persons with intellectual disabilities have an equal right to access information and lifelong learning

[EN] 29 March 2013 – Europe in Action 2013: Ageing of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families


[EN] 26 November 2012 – ‘Best interest’ principle in legal capacity legislation unacceptable!

[EN] 19 November 2012 – Achieving Community-Living in Europe

[EN] 2 October 2012 – Pathways II: Making adult education accessible!

[EN] 8 June 2012 – Inclusion Europe demands equal access to quality healthcare for persons with intellectual disabilities

[EN] 5 June 2012 – Europe in Action 2012: Citizens with intellectual disabilities want real pay for real work

[EN] 24 May 2012 – 2012 Annual Conference is taking place in Brussels

[EN] 22 March 2012 – Europe in Action 2012: Inclusive work opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities


[EN] 5 December 2011 – Creating Pathways to Lifelong Learning for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

[EN] 23 November 2011 – Stakeholders discuss reforms of legal capacity legislations

[EN] 25 October 2011 – Inclusion Europe and Eurochild call on authorities to recognise the equal value of children with intellectual disabilities

[EN] 17 October 2011 – Children’s Rights for All! European Conference

[EN] 4 October 2011 – The European Conference for Self-Advocates: People with intellectual disabilities want rights, not favors!

[EN] 1 June 2011 – Improving Accessibility of Elections in Europe

[EN] 25 May 2011 – Inclusion Europe is holding a European high-level conference on improving accessibility of elections across Europe

[EN] 16 May 2011 – Europe in Action 2011 calls for involvement of families in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

[EN] 11 May 2011 – Larnaca is ready for the annual meeting of the European intellectual disability movement

[EN] 9 March 2011 – Universal Suffrage for all

[EN] 26 January 2011 – 2011 European Year of Volunteering: opportunity to recognize the contribution of people with intellectual disabilities

[EN] 20 January 2011 – Inclusion Europe launches an Inclusive Development Toolkit


[EN] 30 November 2010 – Inclusion Europe events 2011

[EN] 17 November 2010 – The new European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 has just been revealed

[EN] 16 November 2010 – Project update: Accommodating Diversity for Active Participation in European elections

[EN] 14 July 2010 – 2.700 Delegates Demand Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Society

[ES] 14 julio 2010 – 2.700 delegados de todo el mundo reclamaron total inclusión de las personas con discapacidades en la sociedad

[DE] 14. Juli 2010 – 2.700 Teilnehmer fordern volle Inklusion für Menschen mit Behinderung in die Gesellschaft

[EN] 10 June 2010 – Berlin is hosting the unique gathering of the Disability movement

[EN] 19 April 2010 – European Networking Conference on Inclusive Development Cooperation. 15 June 2010. Berlin, Germany

[FR] 19 avril 2010 – Conférence européenne de réseautage sur La coopération de développement inclusif. 15 juin 2010 – Berlin, Allemagne

[EN] 19 April 2010 – World Congress: More Speakers Confirmed for Unique Gathering of Disability Movement. 1,855 participants from more than 60 countries have registered

[EN] 02 March 2010 – “Children’s rights for all” website and call for National Experts

[EN] 15 February 2010 – The Early Bird Registration for the World Congress of Inclusion International has been extended to 31 of March, 2010.

[ES] 15 de febrero de 2010 – El plazo límite para el registro con tarifa reducida al Congreso Mundial de Inclusion International se ha extendido al 31 de marzo del 2010

[EN] 11 February 2010 – Launching Project ‘Children’s Rights for All’ Monitoring the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

[EN] 29 January 2010 – World Congress of Inclusion international 2010 Full Accessibilty Guaranteed

[ES] 29 de enero de 2010 – Congreso Mundial de Inclusión Internacional 2010 Accesibilidad Total Garantizada

[FR] 29 Janvier 2010 – Congrès Mondial d’Inclusion International 2010 Accessibilite pour tous

[EN] 19 January 2010 – World Congress of Inclusion international 2010 an Inclusive Community