Our projects

“Projects are important to exchange experiences between European countries and to develop new approaches.”

Many members of Inclusion Europe work together in projects.
Projects help members to learn from each other.
They also help members to think about new ideas for including people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of society.
A project always works on one clear topic.
It has a beginning and an end.
At the end of each project, the project partners have produced a result.

Inclusion Europe has projects in all important areas of our work.
For example we have a project on how self-advocates can help other people to take decisions.
Another project has looked at the rights of children with intellectual disabilities in Europe.
We have also done a project about help for people with severe intellectual disabilities.

Inclusion Europe also needs your support to run projects!
Tell your friends and colleagues about Inclusion Europe and about our work.
Find out how you can work in projects under “Get involved”.

Inclusion Europe has carried out many projects in the past.
All of them have had important results.
They have helped people from many countries to work together.
You can find the results in this part of our website.
Projects work in different languages.
Please check out the project information to see if the projects also had results in your language.

Most projects receive some money from other organisations.
This money is used to pay travel costs for meetings of the project, for example.
But it never pays for all the necessary costs.
Most of this money comes from the European Commission.
We would like to thank the European Commission for this support.
We also thank other organisations who give us money for our work.