Inclusion Europe holds two regular big conferences:

Europe in Action


Hear our Voices

We also organise regular leadership trainings.


Europe in Action

Every year for 3 days, self-advocates, support persons,
family members and professionals
address different aspects of a certain topic
in a city across Europe.

In 2019, Europe in Action will take place from 5-7 June in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In 2018 we took part in the World Congress of Inclusion International.

It was co-organised by our member mencap.

Read more about the congress the here!


Hear our Voices

EPSA organises a bi-annual conference for self-advocates
called “Hear our Voices”.

At this conference, people with an intellectual disability
come together
to talk about and share ideas and
experiences about intellectual disability.

In 2019, Hear our voices will take place from 18-20 September in Graz, Austria.

The last “Hear our voices” conference took place from 5 to 7 December 2017.

Read more about the conference results


Leadership trainings

Inclusion Europe organises a number of leadership trainings for self-advocates and family members every year.

Our next leadership training will take place from 2 to 4 October 2018.

You can find the invitation here.

Read the programme.


Questions people often ask:

Click here for the easy-to-read version

Are there any costs covered?

All participants will have 2 lunches and 1 dinner covered.

We have a limited number of spaces available where we can contribute towards participants’ expenses.

We can pay for two nights’ accommodation, travel costs, lunches and one dinner for five self-advocates and supporters, as well as five family members.

Beneficiaries will be selected based upon their involvement in politics and their work as advocates for political participation.

When will I know if I was selected to be partially covered?

Selected participants will be informed after 1 September.

How many people can I register to attend?

We have a limited number of places and are aiming for diversity at the leadership training. There is a limit of 2 participants per organisation.

I am not related with an organisation. Can I register?

If you are a self-advocate or a family member, yes, you can.

I am a professional. Can I register?

The leadership training is for self-advocates and family members. Please send us an email if you would like to attend and we will get back to you in case this is possible.

I am from a country outside of Europe. Can I register?

Unfortunately, the leadership training is only open to participants from Europe.

Easy-to-read version

Click on a word which is in bold to read what it means.


If you have any doubt about the Leadership Training,
you can read the questions and answers here.

  1. Do I need to pay anything,
    for example lunch, dinner, hotel, transport,
    for taking part in the Leadership Training?
    Inclusion Europe will pay for two lunches and one dinner.
    Inclusion Europe will also pay for hotel and transport.
    But not for everybody.
    We will pay for 5 self-advocates and supporters
    and for 5 family members.
    Inclusion Europe will choose
    for which people we will pay for these things.
    We will look at what work you did already in politics
    and your work as a self-advocate.
    If we think that you already did a lot of work,
    then we will choose you.
    If you are not among the people we chose,
    you will have to pay for your transport and hotel
    on your own.
  2. When do I find out if Inclusion Europe
    will pay for my hotel and transport?
    You will find out after the first of September 2018.
    We will write you an e-mail to let you know.
  3. How many people from my organisation
    can take part into the Leadership Training?
    Just 2 people,
    because we want to give people from different organisations
    the chance to take part in the Leadership Training.
  4. I am not part of an organisation.
    Can I take part in the Leadership Training?
    Yes you can, if you are a self-advocate
    or a family member of someone with intellectual disabilities.
  5. Can I take part in the Leadership Training
    if I am a professional?
    The leadership training is for
    self-advocates and family members
    of people with intellectual disabilities.
    But you can send us an e-mail and we will think about it.
  6. Can I take part in the Leadership Training
    if I don’t come from Europe?
    No, we are sorry.