Easy-to-Read: Accessibility for everyone

Being able to read gives people a tremendous amount of self-confidence, enabling them to expand their view of the world and take control of their own lives. Through reading, people are able to share ideas, thoughts and experiences, and grow as human beings.” (IFLA Guidelines 1997).

People with intellectual disabilities need accessible information to be able to fully participate in society. Inclusion Europe strongly believes that the lack of accessible information results in people with intellectual disabilities being victims of discrimination and social exclusion.

Therefore, Inclusion Europe has developed guidelines on how to write texts and publications that are fully accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. We call them easy-to-read texts.

Our website provides you with many brochures and publications that exist already in easy-to-read. You can find them here.

To inform people with intellectual disabilities that some publications are specifically produced to meet their needs and abilities, Inclusion Europe developed the European easy-to-read logo.