Europe in Action 2011: New work opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities

PRESS RELEASE: Brussels, 23 May 2012

The 2012 Europe in Action conference will stir debate on inclusive work opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Taking place between 31 May and 2 June 2012 in Brussels, Inclusion Europe’s annual conference brings together self-advocates, family members, professionals, service providers and decision-makers to discuss the latest ideas and innovative practices in the field.

Continuing exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities from the mainstream labour market has dramatic effects on the lives of persons with disabilities. While the economic impact is particularly visible in times of economic austerity, the implications for social inclusion are equally significant.

Participants from more than twenty countries will explore the link between welfare and employment, contemplate the design of inclusive employment services and identify concrete requirements for vocational training and support services. A wealth of good practices and personal testimonies will be presented, making the case for inclusive employment policies.

The conference will take place at hotel Thon City Centre Avenue du Boulevard 17, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

The detailed conference programme is available at

For more information about the event, please, contact:

Silvana Enculescu
Communications Officer
Inclusion Europe
Tel.: +32 2 502 28 15
Fax: +32 2 502 80 10

During the conference, please, contact Thérèse Kempeneers-Foulon: +32 475 800 999

About the organisers:

Inclusion Europe (IE) is the European voice and representation of over 70 member organisations of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Founded in 1988, Inclusion Europe has a 22-year track record of successful operation and defending the rights of its constituency.

ANAHM / NVHVG is a watchdog organisation defending the rights and interests of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Belgium. Founded in 1959, ANAHM works in close collaboration with AFrAHM (Association Francophone d’Aide aux Handicapées Mentaux) and Inclusie Vlaanderen which have developed many services to people with intellectual disabilities.