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Millions of people in Europe are still excluded from using basic products and services that are taken for granted for other people, because they are not accessible. They face barriers in withdrawing money from an ATM, entering a bank, a school, a university or any public building, using the metro, issuing a ticket, buying something online etc. People with intellectual disabilities often face obstacles when travelling, using e-mail programmes or being provided with information that is not easy-to-read.

The European Parliament is currently discussing the European Commission’s proposal for the European Accessibility Act which could make several products and services in the European Union accessible for all citizens including 80 million persons with disabilities and 190 million people aged 50 and older. The recently published draft report of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO Committee), which is the responsible Committee for the European Accessibility Act in the European Parliament, is very worrying. The Committee’s report is dramatically watering down the proposal for the Act to such an extent that it will fail to bring a real positive change in the lives of EU citizens.

The IMCO Committee will discuss the Act on 6 March in the European Parliament in Brussels. On the same day at 12.00, Inclusion Europe will join the European Disability Forum and other organisations fighting for disability and social rights for a demonstration in front of the European Parliament. We demand a strong and ambitious European Accessibility Act!

We are inviting you to join our demonstration and spread the word about the importance of an inclusive and accessible Europe for all citizens. We are also inviting you to follow participants in wheelchairs, people with visual or hearing impairments or other people with reduced mobility on their way from Trone metro to Place du Luxembourg and spot together all the barriers and risks they face in their everyday lives due to Brussels’ lack of accessibility. 

About Inclusion Europe:

Inclusion Europe is an association of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Europe.
Since 1988, Inclusion Europe fights for equal rights and full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in all aspects of life. The association has members in nearly 40 European countries.

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