Biggest conference for self-advocates will take place in Madrid (Easy-to-Read)

Many people with intellectual disabilities are discriminated.
This sometimes means they cannot go to school, or get a job.

People with intellectual disabilities know this.
Many of them said they and their peers
are the most discriminated group in society.

That is why self-advocacy is so important
for people with intellectual disabilities.
Becoming a self-advocate helps people with intellectual disabilities
be more confident, learn about their rights,
and know how to speak for themselves.

To help more people become self-advocates
and to help self-advocates from different European countries
meet each other
Inclusion Europe is organizing a very big conference.
The conference will be in Madrid, which is a big city in Spain.
It will take place on from 2 to 4 October
and will be in English and Spanish.

The conference will be accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.
Almost all speakers will be self-advocates.
There will be many workshops
on things that are important for self-advocates, like:

  • Peer support,
  • Taking decisions,
  • Legal capacity
  • Voting – Political participation,
  • Easy to Read and accessible information,
  • Setting up self-advocacy groups,
  • Managing money,
  • Health services, and
  • Sexual and emotional life.

Participants will also be able to get practical skills
on things like making a video CV, or using the internet safely.

To find out more about the conference, please click here.
or go to:

For any questions, you can send an email to