Become a member

Become a member of Inclusion Europe

Join us and become part of a network comprising over 70 organisations of people with intellectual disabilities and their families all over Europe.

Being a member of Inclusion Europe means, among other things:

  • The possibility to influence European policies and voice concerns of people with intellectual disabilities and their families at European level
  • A wide range of opportunities to connect with fellow organisations across Europe
  • An instant access to essential information on EU policy developments, events and funding opportunities.
  • The possiblities to participate in different European projects
  • A variety of occasions to exchange experiences and good practices.

Inclusion Europe has two main levels of membership with different roles and expectations:

  • Members with a formal voting right to influence the policies of Inclusion Europe
    These are representative organisations OF people with intellectual disabilities and/or their families: the full national members and the self-advocacy members.
  • Members who benefit from Inclusion Europe’s services
    This includes all organisations who benefit from the work of Inclusion Europe without having a formal voting right: the local/regional members and the affiliate members.

How to apply

  1. For a new membership application, please observe the following procedure:
    Complete the membership application form (please note that there is an easy-to-understand form for self-advocate members).
  2. Send the form with the necessary additional documents to Inclusion Europe.
  3. Our Membership Committee will review the membership application and recommend your organisation for membership to our General Assembly.
  4. From the date of a positive decision of the Membership Committee, applicants are treated as members without being asked to pay a fee.
  5. The General Assembly of Inclusion Europe meets once per year in April/May. It will formally decide about new membership applications. From the date of the decision of the General Assembly, applicants are effective members of the specific category and will be asked to pay the agreed fee.

Membership fees

Membership fees are necessary to be able to function properly and to offer services to our members. The fees are organised in five Strands and are adjusted each year by the inflation rate of the Euro zone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get further information or to apply for membership

Organisations applying for membership to Inclusion Europe are encouraged to also join Inclusion International.