(English) “Because I have difficulties in managing money, people say I should not vote. How wrong is that?”

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  1. 16th 2018

    […] the situation in their home countries. In many European countries, people under guardianship do not have the right to vote. But even in countries where the vote has been opened up, accessibility of voting remains a […]

  2. 17th 2018

    […] in many European countries, the right to vote is still an unattainable dream for people with intellectual disabilities under guardianship. Even when being granted the right to […]

  3. 17th 2018

    […] European countries, people with intellectual disabilities under guardianship are systematically prevented from voting. Even if they get voting rights, a lack of easy-to-read information about the electoral process, […]

  4. 13th 2018

    […] on political participation shows what self-advocates can do to take an active part in politics. We talked about the right to vote in the European Parliament and at our leadership training in Brussels. Finally, we launched our […]