(English) Mara wants to vote – help her reclaim her right!

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  1. 12th April 2017

    […] which might serve as an inspiration for other members. As an example, Inclusion Europe supported a campaign of its member Plena Inclusión on the right to vote. This issue will be of European-wide significance during the European […]

  2. 16th November 2017

    […] Our member Plena Inclusión co-organised a campaign in February after the Spanish Constitutional Court had declined a request from a family to allow their daughter, Mara, to vote. The campaign requesting a change of the current law was supported by Inclusion Europe. […]

  3. 16th Oktober 2018

    […] February last year, Plena inclusión, alongside other organisations, had claimed the right to vote for people under guardianship in a rally before the Constitutional Court. Since the Parliament […]

  4. 19th Oktober 2018

    […] Europe itself got on the story. We talked about it to anyone who would […]

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